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What do you think about Eternity

Do you know that you will outlive the sun? Do you know that when the earth and the stars have all passed away, you will just be beginning your end-less day? Once you are born you will never cease to live. You will live forever: you will be alive eternally. Eternity has no end. This is a solemn and fearful truth.

Suppose it were possible to tie a rope from earth to heaven and an ant were to go to the sun and return to earth on this rope. When an ant has done that a hundred times, then a small fraction of eternity has passed. You will still be alive. Suppose a small boy were to empty an ocean with a cup, the time it will take the boy is an infinitesimally small part of eternity. If, again, a grain of sand represents one day, all the grains of sand on the seashore will represent only a small, negligible part of eternity! If a bird went to sharpen its beak once a year at a mountain, when the bird wears out the mountain in this way, only an insignificant part of eternity would have passed. In short, eternity is the lifetime of the never-dying God! And you will live for eternity. You will be alive eternally as God will be alive eternally. Once born, a person remains consciously alive forever.

There is "the resurrection of life" and there is "the resurrection of damnation". This may shock you. I pray it does. Every sinner will end up in the infernal hell and every saint will end up in supernal heaven. You will live forever in heaven or hell. There is no neutral place. Nothing like purgatory; Jesus never talked of anything or anywhere like this. Somebody said, "I am on the fence". There is no fence. You are either a Christian or a sinner. You are either on the narrow way or on the broad way that leads straight to hell. You are either with God or with Satan. You will live with God in heaven or live in hell forever with Satan.

"Choose you this day". Where do you want to spend eternity? You can only answer with an action. Throw off this tract, or tear it to pieces, neglect its message and warning, postpone the day or repentance and continue in sin; then you have answered the question one way. Eternity in hell is sure for every sinner who refuses or neglects to repent.

"Choose you this day". Where will you spend eternity? In heaven with God? – then you must repent NOW.

"He that covereth his sins SHALL NOT PROSPER" AMEN. "But whoso confesseth and forsaketh them SHALL HAVE MERCY" AMEN (Proverbs 28:13).

"Seek ye the LORD". How? "Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him RETURN unto the LORD, and He will have mercy upon him; He will abundantly pardon (Isaiah 55:6,7).

God says you should seek Him – that you should pray now to Him, asking forgiveness of all your sins. Don’t hide or cover anyone of them. God sees you and He says you CANNOT, WILL NOT prosper if you do. Confess your sins, forsake the sins and turn to God.

Life with God in Christ is an endless hope. Life without God in sin is a hopeless end.

Do you want this life? God is ready to give it to you now as you pray:

"Almighty God, I pray in Jesus Name that you should look down with mercy on me, a guilty sinner. Forgive me these my sins of … (name them one by one – don’t hide any). I promise never to go back to them again by your power. Please make me your child now, and cleanse me from all sin. I give my live to Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord into my heart now. Thank you, O God, for I believe you have answered my prayer. In Jesus Christ’s Name I have prayed. Amen".

Do this NOW as urgently and correctly as you carry out a doctor’s instructions. Turn away from all sin and ask God to forgive and cleanse you. He will answer immediately if you pray with faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He will also change your life and set your feet on the narrow path of godliness and righteousness. Then eternity with God in heaven will be sure.

Life with God in Christ is an endless hope.

Life without God in sin is a hopeless end.

"Choose you this day!"

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